Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paul Wright

Paul Jordan Wright grew up in the North East of England in a town called Guisborough, until joining the British Army as a Royal Signals, Telecommunications Engineer. After 2 years of physical and technical training he moved to Germany for over 3 years working as a second line engineer repairing communications systems. With the escalating threat in the middle east Paul deployed to the gulf and was part of the invasion force that led the way into Iraq in 2003. He served in southern Iraq in multiple undisclosed locations ending up at Basra International
Airport. Tasks included providing secure communications infrastructure for the British forces and Technical support for the entire British Military force. Paul then returned to England for a year to become a supervisor in the Military after having completed Class 1 and obtaining a HCN in Telecommunication Engineering. Now a skilled tradesman in high demand, he served four consecutive tours between 2005 - 2009. First in the Falklands Islands having managed and developed the communications network for over 1500 members of the British Military. Then coordinated building power outages and foresaw the communications impact of each outage. Paul's second tour was a small, specialized team deployed on Op Veritas. He was tasked with supporting the British 2 Star General and his staff by providing secure and insecure voice and data communications around the world. Then the middle east called again, this time to the Capital Baghdad serving in both the Green Zone and BIAP. Tasks included maintaining satellite coverage, secure, nato secure and insecure forms of communications along with tech support. Paul also planned, developed and installed counter IED (improvised explosive device) equipment into new armored patrol vehicles deployed to Iraq. During Paul's final tour at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida as a lead Engineer he supported the General and his staff in the Multinational Centcom Headquarters. Tasks included global video conferencing, software and hardware maintenance and providing tech support. After this tour Paul left the British Military with honors and emigrated to Florida, launching Wright Computing LLC to advance small businesses into the efficient, cost effective world of cloud computing.

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